Where The Best Tree Service In Iowa Began

Tree Police are owned and founded by me, Dustin Carson, a lifelong Cedar Rapidian who takes pride in living in Eastern Iowa. As a father, husband, and neighbor to you I take pride in living here. Community and being a part of the community mean everything to me.

I started Tree Police to provide a service our community needs at a fair price while providing for my family. For the same reason most Iowan’s own their business’ and work hard, I just want me and my team to perform honest work for an honest price and maintain my stellar reputation around town. 

We have been in business for over a decade now, growing steadily over that time. Of course, the Derecho in 2020 helped accelerate our growth and I am proud of the thousands of people we were able to help. I think I speak for all Eastern Iowan’s when I say that an event like that rejuvenated our sense of community. 

The majority of the work we do is on a referral basis from current clients. I have worked with small towns, large apartment or mobile home complexes, county governments, large residential acreage’s and your neighborhood homes. Just know that whether it is a simple tree removal, or consulting on the best path forward for a municipality I treat every project with the same respect. 

No matter how much we grow as a company our foundation of honesty, integrity and care will always be a part of what we do here at Tree Police. I hope I have the pleasure of working with you someday so you can experience the Tree Police difference. 


Owner & Founder – Tree Police

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